WebMo Features

Webmo offers a wide range of features to meet your individual project needs. The Management Cockpit lies at the heart of the monitoring system with charts that visualize the project's progress. WebMo customers can choose from a variety of different features to build their individual monitoring system..

Management Cockpit

A Management Cockpit is a visualization of large amounts of data in condensed form. For the purpose of results-based monitoring, WebMo’s Management Cockpit visualizes the progress of the project and its subcomponents based on indicators. Additionally, the cockpit can be customized to highlight other pieces of information, such as reporting deadlines or current risks and challenges. We often make use of charts and colours (in particular traffic light colours) to indicate progress. Thereby, the cockpit gives project managers a quick overview of their project's status which is valuable especially in complex or cross-border projects. The information in the Management Cockpit can serve as the basis for steering, budget and management decisions as well as for communication with partners or reporting to donors.


Webmo offers you various types of graphical data representation, including most popularly pie and bar charts. You can also use a map and link information to the countries in which your project operates. Colouring, especially by using traffic light colours, are considered helpful by our customers as well. Regular tables or lists are possible too.

Knowledge management

We believe that a successful monitoring can and should be linked to knowledge management. Two of WebMo’s goals are to make transparent who does what and to avoid doubling data. Hence, WebMo facilitates connecting pieces of information by allowing links to other websites or documents. For example, you can insert a link to a ministry’s databank that serves as the source of verification for a particular indicator. Similarly, you can link to your organization’s internal document management system.

Multi-level structure

Most projects’ monitoring systems have at least a four-level structure: the main goal, sub-components, intended results in each of these components, indicators and activities. The different levels are dynamically interconnected and progress on a lower level, e.g. activities, is automatically included into higher aggregated levels. This prevents tedious and resource-wasting double-entries of data.


WebMo includes various tools to report results to donors, decision-makers or the public. After entering project information, WebMo selects relevant and up-to-date data to automatically create reports and reporting matrices. These reporting tools are customisable to meet individual project needs. Next to standard reporting forms required, for example, by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), reporting forms from other national or international donors are possible. If required, for example in co-financed projects, even multiple reports in different styles can be generated based on the same set of data.

It is furthermore possible to make certain WebMo pages available online and thus accessible for the public. This way, communication with stakeholders, transparency and accountability of project progress is ensured at all times!


To use multi-media, it is no problem to integrate pictures and videos into WebMo. Alternatively, you can simply link to other internet websites, such as Youtube. In addition, WebMo can also include your operational planning, such as assignment of responsibilities, deadlines, calendars, to-do lists or budgets, when appropriate.