Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebMo?

WebMo is a web-based monitoring software for projects in the field of development cooperation. The tool allows you to manage monitoring data in an efficient and transparent way. It is always up-to-date and automatically generates summaries and visual reports.

In which languages is WebMo available?

The wiki software is available in all languages of the world. This means we can install any of our tools in the language you need. We have WebMo ready in English, German, French and Spanish. Other languages are possible upon request.

Is my data safe on WebMo?

Yes, we have a stringent privacy policy and meet German data privacy security standards. We update our server regularly with the latest security updates. In order to prevent any loss of data, we have designed a multi-level backup system. This means we do full data backups every day, week and month.

How long does it take to install WebMo?

Depending on the degree of customization, the process of offer and contract preparation, the installation of WebMo takes about four to six weeks.

Can you install WebMo on my own server?

All WebMo are hosted on our server in Germany (Hetzner). The WebMo package includes hosting services such as regular updates, backups as well as system and performance monitoring. Although it is technically possible to install WebMo on your own server, this implies an additional effort and is not recommended, as this means that we cannot provide you with the services mentioned above.

What software does WebMo use?

WebMo is based on the wiki software MediaWiki that is originally used by Wikipedia. Wikis are pages or collections of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses them to contribute or modify content, using a simplified markup language. At its core, a wiki is a simple online database in which each page is easily edited by any user with a web browser. Therefore, wiki software is particularly suitable for decentralized, collaborative work. Being part of the larger community of MediaWiki platforms also implies that WebMo profits from continuous and sustainable software development and improvements.

Does WebMo only work for quantitative data?

No. Your goals and indicators can be of both quantitative or qualitative nature. You define yourself what certain levels of achievement mean in the context of your project.

Does WebMo only work for stand-alone projects?

No. Although our standard tool is optimized for single projects, it is also possible to manage data of different projects for joint monitoring of, for example, regional programmes or country portfolios. Please don't hesitate to approach us, so we can discuss a tailor-made offer.