The 5 benefits of WebMo

WebMo is an innovative way of monitoring that allows decentralized and mobile data input, is always up-to-date and summarizes key information at a glance.

1. At a glance: The management cockpit

The management cockpit is an overview page visualizing the project’s key data and current status. This enables project managers to quickly identify critical developments and needs for action. It also saves valuable time when it comes to reporting.

2. Always up-to-date

As soon as somebody enters data, the system and the overviews are updated. This way you do not risk to be using an old file or creating parallel file structures, because everybody might use their own filing system. On top of that, it is convenient to generate summaries of the project’s current status at any time.

3. Decentralized data input

Due to its web-based character, WebMo allows for project staff and partners to enter data from wherever they are located. They can work collaboratively on monitoring without each creating their individual files or sending countless messages back and forth.

4. Mobile monitoring

You can easily access WebMo from a smart phone, tablet or notebook any place and at any time. This is especially convenient if you spend a lot of time travelling or in the field.

5. The WebMo community

When you start using WebMo, you become member of a larger WebMo community. We encourage our clients to share their monitoring experience and learn from each other. We also offer a monthly newsletter with practical tips for IT-based monitoring, webinars and an M&E events calendar.

Our GIZ clients particularly profit from the WebMo community. If one GIZ colleague voices and idea to increase WebMo’s usefulness in terms if GIZ monitoring or reporting standards, this solution will be implemented for all GIZ clients.

In short, WebMo will not do monitoring for you – but it will make life a lot easier.